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Same Day Crown

Our Cerec technology allows us to produce crowns the same day as service. This appointment will take less than two hours bypassing the need for a temporary crown. This procedure is possible by way of a custom crown that is made in house with our milling unit and furnace.

Single Implant

Implants in simple terms are prosthetic roots for the crown. Our CBCT (Cone-beam computed tomography systems) technology and dental surgeon will determine the density and the dimensions of your bone for the best possible implant placement. This allows for patients to have a crown on the implant in three months after initial implant placement surgery.  Depending on the individual case, we can extract the unrestorable tooth and place an implant on the same day.


office sign door

Bone Disease

A majority of patients present with gingivitis which is  an inflammation of the gums. This is a reversible condition given proper home care and regular cleanings. If this condition is not treated the inflammation and calculus (tartar) build up can lead to periodontal/bone disease. In order to treat this a deep cleaning/root scaling is needed and further evaluation by a periodontist may be required. It is critical to control bone loss to prevent tooth loss or periodontal abscess.

Implant Denture

Unfortunately some patients do not have teeth in their mouth’s and a denture is required. A secure and anchored denture is made to help. After several implant placements a denture is formed to fit the patient's mouth. This removes the future need for denture adhesive and loose fitting dentures as the implants provide the denture with the necessary stability and patient comfort. Sometimes a denture is possible without implants if that is what the patient desires and if bone density is adequate for traditional dentures.

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